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Janine Wooten, Artist, Mandala Artist, Janine Logue, Janine Logue Wooten,

Janine Logue Wooten, Mandala Artist

Mandalas offer a unique method of self-discovery and healing, by allowing our subconscious, indeed our soul, to communicate with us through the power of archetypal imagery, often revealing important information we had long ago repressed.

Janine discovered Mandala Art in 1999 and now loves teaching others how to access their own inner wisdom; how to find their own "Master-Peace Within." 

Janine found that simply coloring, while certainly relaxing, was such a small part of the experience as a whole, as was reading about Mandalas, which was informative but not in any way personally transformative. 

She found that you must experience the process yourself to fully understand how powerful, how universal, and at the same time how deeply personal this art form is. So she decided to offer workshops that immerse you in the Mandala experience! 

Please consider joining us for the next "Master-Peace Within" live workshop! We'd love to meet you and assist you on your path of personal discovery and fulfillment.

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