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Greetings and great blessings to you:

    I just read your Mandala article in the Reiki News.  I am an ICRT Reiki teacher in St. Petersburg, Florida.  I am not sure if we have met but I wanted to share some things I learned about mandalas and see if you have any experience of this. One of the other things I teach is how to do astral projection and how to use astral projection with healing and Reiki.  This is a little trick of the mind I learned years ago and I have taught it all over the world now.  It is very easy to learn and it offers great self discovery, spiritual discovery and healing opportunities.

    In my inner ventures I have encountered several times what I call the mandala universe.  This is a place in inner space where countless mandalas seem to kind of hover in space; they appear and disappear, change, rearrange themselves, resize themselves, adjust to what ever is affecting them etc (this is difficult to describe but if you have ever seen northern lights it is kind of like that but with colors and mandalas).  It is very far 'out there' and takes some time to get to even in the timeless realm of inner space.  They are of many and various sizes, shapes, colors and designs.  They are more than beautiful, they seem to have many purposes.  One, they seem to tune the frequencies of the universe itself or they kind of take the frequencies of the universe and tune it to the world of matter or creation.  It seems in some way that the place where they hover kind of surrounds or all encompasses the world of form.  I'm not sure how to describe this but it seems that all energy that becomes matter or creation passes through these in some way and creation is somehow fine tuned by doing so. 

    But that is not the most amazing thing.  The most amazing thing is that you can approach these hovering mandalas, in fact, they kind of invite or beckon you to do so.  You approach them in your astral or energy body or what ever this 'you' is that travels in this realm.  As you approach one of these it kind of puts you or aligns you in the mandala in just the right way for it to do its work.  You meld in to the patterns of the mandala with your energy body frequencies and where your energy may have traveled through your astral self in somewhat chaotic patterns, the mandala lines them up in ways that look and feel better.  It aligns the energy patterns of your astral or energy body up with the energy patterns of the mandala and this somehow readjusts the flow of your own energy body patterns.  This seems very healing and refreshing and restoring.  Not only that but it is somewhat thrilling too.  You can go from one mandala to another, and the ones that you need seem to invite you or somehow appear for you to meld with and let your energy be adjusted.  I remember the first time I discovered this it made me think; "ooooh, that's what these mandala things are for".  I had no previous experience with mandalas except that I had seen them and thought they were pretty and interesting looking.  It was a great revelation. 

    I thought that if I were a mandala maker I would go to this inner place and get my designs from there and I wonder if that is not where the designs come from anyway whether the artist knows it or not?  Have you ever heard of the mandala universe?  I have a CD on how to do this and I also teach it in St. Petersburg, FL if you would like to know more.  I have a very unattractive website that I am revamping but there is a bit on there about this CD.  It is  or or, for a real thrill,    Blessings and Reiki2u.  duff

Janine has a sensitivity to the rhythm of life and it’s spirit which is reflected in her art. She has a delicate touch and a clarity of vision that make her work both personal and unique and also something that speaks to everyone and can be appreciated by all. Janine is also a patient teacher who intuitively knows just the right thing to bring out the best in others. She has integrity and is honest with both herself and others, while being cognizant of each persons’ needs at the time.

~ Bob Wallace, Laguna Beach, CA 

We have a wellness center located in Carlsbad, CA. We hired Janine to create a series of Mandalas for us. The finished product exceeded our expectations in every manner. The paintings were finished before the time frame that Janine had committed to and the paintings exceeded the quality and beauty that we had expected.

Once the paintings were put up in the facility, the feedback that was received from the clients in the wellness clinic was extremely positive. The paintings allowed people to have a powerful experience of potential healing through beauty and art, and added physical beauty to the facility.

I would recommend Janine personally, as an artist, as a business person, and as a Human Being whose energy can lend to any environment in a positive manner.

~ Mark Hinds,, Calrsbad, CA

It is with pleasure that I recommend Janine and her Gallery for its superb work on a piece I commissioned for my home.

Janine’s ability to put into life the concept that I had but was unable to put into words was brilliant. Her talent regarding this piece as well as the many others I have seen far exceeds what one would expect to find in a time when so many call themselves artists She has truly earned that title.

On time, within budget and beyond my personal expectations, she is one craftsman I would both use and send my friends and family to.

~ Matt Brett, Orlando, FL

A creative artist of extraordinary talent, Janine has been a blessing since we met her. As an object of beauty and an aid to meditation, her work is incomparable.

~ Mike Hidalgo, Orlando, FL

"I have two of Janine Logue Wooten's Mandalas.  I think they are exquisitely beautiful.

I learned about them from seeing one in her sister's home.  I immediately knew that the mandalas resonated with something deeper and more refined, a kind of soul language.I wanted one of each of her beautiful designs.  They are soulful as I mentioned, full of beautiful color and light.  I especially love the one of The Greatest Name, or The Glory of God.  The design is wonderful. I often meditate by studying this mandala and focusing on a special prayer. ..READ MORE

The second one is a theme that I love.  It has a large fish in the center and 9 smaller fish circling around the larger fish. I am writing a story of a father and a mystical like fish.  This mandala is perfect and inspires me to focus on the theme of the story.  I loved what Janine said, 'The art work comes through me from source, which I consider to be love.'  I agree with this statement.  It helps to gain access to a higher self by looking at the mandala.

I highly recommend going to Janine's website for more information about her work.  There is also a really good film about her and her work on utube.  You may type:  Janine Wooten's mandalas to access the film. Her workshops sound terrific.

~ Sonya Bennett, Fairhope, AL