"My Surrender"


This painting is actually a study of “Surrender To the Feminine” by my teacher Paul Heussenstamm. This was the first of his paintings that I fell in love with, and he encouraged me to paint my own... Not until years later did I feel I had the confidence to try. It was all done visually and with hand tools: no computer aids or tracing. It has been a great learning experience and confidence builder ~ I’m quite pleased with the outcome!

20” X 20” Acrylic on Canvas                 $ 995 USD          BUY

15" X 15" Giclee  Print                            $ 150  USD         BUY

"My Surrender"

“I have come to view the Mandala as a visual way of representing our place in this life:

physically, emotionally, and especially spiritually.

                                                                        ~  Janine Logue Wooten, Mandala Artist