Meet the Artist


        Welcome to the Mandala Gallery website!

I’m Janine Logue Wooten, and I’d love to share how I got started painting Mandalas!

I’ve been painting Mandalas since 1998, when a series of unlikely yet synchronistic events led me to my first workshop with Paul Heussenstamm in Laguna Beach, CA. I was quite unsure and insecure about the entire experience, having no background in art, and not knowing much about Mandalas, but went with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. All concerns were for naught (of course!), as it was a wonderful experience! I have continued to learn about and paint Mandalas over the years and have grown into writing articles on Mandala Art and teaching Mandala Art workshops myself.

My life has been nothing less than blessed! I am the mother of two wonderful sons, and I had the great fortune of staying at home in their early years. However the term “stay-at-home-mom” was a definite misnomer in my case. I stayed busy studying several various interests: Reiki, Mathematics, Karate, Religions, Pottery, Tai Chi, and Essential Oils (to name a few!)

While it seemed that my many interests were somewhat unrelated, it became apparent years later, after understanding Mandalas, that they were all in fact related, and were stepping stones on my path, my own labyrinth ~ spiraling, slowly but ever so surely, bringing me closer to the center and to my purpose... steps in the Mandala of my life!

Talk about things "coming full circle." (How could it be otherwise? We’re talking about mandalas; the word means "circle"!) I am certain that it is no coincidence that this passion for  Mandalas incorporates not only Art, but also Mathematics and Spirituality ! Read the article on Mandalas for Healing and you’ll begin to understand more about this energetic connection. Furthermore, Reiki and Essential Oils  are of course all about restoring heath and balance, energetically and naturally. Also, imagine my amazement when I recently learned that Pottery and Tai Chi are also ‘forms’ of Mandalas, because they are activities that involve centering! This is no less than amazing ~ nothing here is by chance! Allow your path and purpose to unfold, with a pure heart and a desire to be of service and you are sure to be blessed beyond measure!

Thanks for reading. Visit often, and please consider contributing a personal story about your experience with Mandalas or Mandala Art for the “Readers Share” page.

Blessings, Love and Light, and Namaste’!    ~    Janine

~ Follow Your Heart ~ Be Happy ~ Be Blessed ~ Be Grateful! ~