The Hunab Ku is an ancient Mayan symbol, which means "the Window to the Universe." Like the Sri Yantra, it symbolizes the point of creation. I like the fact that it has elements of the Yin-Yang, the Spiral, the Cross and the Four Directions. I have a sterling pendant of this symbol, and people frequently ask about its' meaning and comment on how powerful the symbol is.

" is clear what a rich and meaningful tradition the mandala has for human beings as a

method of orientation, a spiritual practice, and a connection to the cosmic rhythms of the

universe."                                                          ~ Susanne F. Fincher, Creating Mandalas


12” X 12” Acrylic on Canvas                                 SOLD

15" X 15" Giclee  Print                  $ 100  USD      BUY

"Hunab Ku"

"Hunab Ku"