“Cosmic Dance”


As often happens, this mandala surprised me as it unfolded along a path not originally intended. The dark “space” background was painted long before knowing what the center would be.  While “waiting” for the right thing, I came across the diagram of the central design, and was astonished to learn that this is the actual path that the planet Mercury makes while traveling overhead, over a period of 8 years ~ amazing!

So this Mandala is about remembering that there is a heavenly designed, beautiful path for our lives that we are often unaware of. It’s about remaining in awe and in trust of God’s great design for our lives.

30” X 30” Acrylic on Canvas                           $ 995 USD         BUY

15" X 15" Giclee  Print                                      $ 150  USD        BUY

“Cosmic Dance”

“Painting a Mandala is the only thing I know of in my life where time just melts away and I lose myself completely in what I am doing.”                                                ~ Janine Logue Wooten, Mandala Artist